• Turkey faces balancing act amid border offensive in Syria

    BEIRUT (AP) — As Turkey threatens a bloody confrontation with U.S.-backed Kurdish militia in Afrin — the main Syrian Kurdish enclave in northwestern Syria — it faces the challenge of maintaining its old alliance with Washington and reinforcing a new rapprochement with Moscow. The move comes as Syria finds itself [...]

  • SEC letter shows bitcoin funds won’t happen soon, if ever

    NEW YORK (AP) — It may be a while, if ever, before investors can buy an exchange-traded fund made up of bitcoin and other digital currencies. The Securities and Exchange Commission this week sent a letter to investment trade groups containing more than 30 questions that must be answered before [...]

  • Garden Grove City Council to honor Bolsa Grande teacher Tuesday, Jan. 23

    The City Council on Tuesday evening, Jan. 23, will honor Kathryn Beck, a teacher at Bolsa Grande High School, for being a finalist for the 2017 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. The council will present her with a Community Spotlight award. Chris Haire, 714-796-6979 chaire@scng.com [...]

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